Water Wonderland/ Pere Marquette River

The Pere Marquette River, over 100 miles long, flows through Water Wonderland. This beautiful winding water-way is well known for its fantastic trout and Coho fishing. The Pere Marquette River is a canoe lovers paradise. Imagine... the peace and tranquility of quietly canoeing over 100 miles of winding water, with many rapids, some quite tricky, among towering trees in unspoiled national and state forests.

Prime hunting abounds in the area, where deer herds number in the thousands, because of the large amount of forest acreage. There are over 200,000 acres of publicly owned land in the area plus many additional thousands of acres in the nearby counties. Raccoon, grouse, woodchuck, snowshoe hare, squirrel, fox and wild turkey offer additional abundant hunting.

When winter snows blanket the countryside, well maintained roads give you full use of the many winter pleasures of Winter Wonderland. The beauty and tranquility of the white fluffy ground cover, cut sharply by the rapidly moving water of the Pere Marquette River creates a breathtaking atmosphere. All of this beauty and fresh clean air create a backdrop for all of the more active winter pleasures. Many ski hills are within minutes of Water Wonderland. Miles of cross-country ski trails and snowmobile trails surround Water Wonderland. The many, nearby inland lakes and the magnificent, sandy shored Lake Michigan, provide a wide choice of spots for the ice fishing enthusiast.

This area provides many of the color tour trails that each Fall bring thousands of people to Michigan for its well-known color tour. Every imaginable shade of green, brown, orange, red and yellow form an ever-changing panorama that words can not begin to describe.

Summer fun knows no limits at Water Wonderland. The Pere Marquette River, numerous inland lakes and the fabulous Lake Michigan provide every type of water fun. Dune buggying or picnicking along lake Michigan's sand dunes, visiting the Deer Park Fun land near Whitehill or taking the ferry across Lake Michigan are only a few of the special summer fun things you can easily do when you have a spot at Water Wonderland.

Most of the Pere Marquette River meanders through hundreds of thousands of acres of government and public lands- very little Pere Marquette River frontage is available for private ownership. At Water Wonderland you can actually own your own private Pere Marquette River frontage or you can choose an off-water site. Water Wonderland is heavily wooded and gently rolling with black-top roads. Each site has its own particular beauty.

Any spot at Water Wonderland is a great spot, whatever your life style. Great for raising a family; good schools provide bus service- a healthy, safe environment lets children grow up attuned to nature at its best. Ideal for retirement; peace and tranquility with a lot of activities to partake of at your own pace. Terrific vacation spot; enjoy all of the "vacation time" activities or just laze around, listen to the flowing water and just relax. Perfect weekend get away spot; no matter what time of year, you can enjoy your favorite weekend pursuit, or just relax. On top of that you can spend your time there- instead of spending all your time getting there!

REMEMBER-Pere Marquette River property is extremely limited for private ownership, so NOW is the time to take advantage of this offer and get your "SPOT ON THE RIVER" at WATER WONDERLAND.

Parcel        Price             Description

                                                                                                       88         $31, 995.00     Well on Property       

102         $29,995.00             100 X 780

109         $29,500.00              75 X 800

110         $29,995.00             103 X 800

113         $29,995.00             80 X 1400

120         $39,250.00           200 X 1100

124         $29,995.00             125 X 900

125         $29,995.00             125 X 900

126         $29,995.00             125 X 900



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